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   Kayak Racks - Yakima Canoe Carriers , Thule Surfboard Rack, Kayak Storage Racks


    Thule canoe and kayak racks, Yakima kayak carriers, foam roof blocks
  Surfboard and surf roof racks and boat loading assist rooftop racks.
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Special Offer - car racks


 Car Rooftop kayak racks and Thule roof kayak carriers. Yakima roof rack kayak carrier and Malone Autoloader racks.
           Kayak Racks - Car Rooftop Kayak Carriers
   Full line of vertical kayak carriers and kayak saddles
 that attach to roof rack crossbars. Kayak foam blocks
 and inflatable racks for vehicles with no roof rack.
 Kayak storage racks to organize your boating gear.
            Prices Start at $9.95             


 Canoe Racks and roof top foam block canoe carrier attachments from Thule, Yakima, Malone and Riverside.
             Canoe Racks - Car Roof Canoe Carriers
   Canoe Racks that attach to car roof rack crossbars.
 Yakima & Thule padded canoe gunwale racks. Weston
 pivoting canoe loader racks and canoe foam blocks for
 carrying a canoe on a cars without rooftop racks.
           Prices Start at $7.95               

 Surfboard racks, Sailboard and paddle board car roof carriers and pads.
            Surfboard Racks & Sailboard Roof Pads
   The Thule Hang 2 surfboard carrier and surf pads are
 a great way to safely carry your sail or paddle boards
 on your car roof rack. The inflatable HandiRack is a
 safe way to carry your boards without a roof rack.
            Prices Start at $26.95          

 Kayak and Canoe load assist boat racks and carriers.
         Kayak Load Assist Racks - Canoe Loaders
   These kayak racks actually help you load your kayak
 or canoe on top of your car. We offer many unique boat
 loaders like the hydraulic lift assist Thule Hullavator and
 the hitch mounted, pivoting Weston Canoe loader.
           Prices Start at $62.95             

 Kayak straps and canoe tie downs: Bow and stern lines for securing boats and kayaks to your car roof.
            Kayak Straps - Boat Bow and Stern Lines
   A complete selection of kayak and canoe load straps.
 Boat securing bow and stern lines from Thule, Yakima,
 Malone and Riverside. Many lengths and styles to
 choose from for all of your car top needs.
             Prices Start at $11               

 Kayak trailers - Cnaoe and boat multi-purpose sport trailers that also carry bikes, skis and cargo boxes.
         Trailers for Kayaks, Canoes, Boats and Bikes
   If your vehicle roof rack only consists of side rail bars,
 than we recommend The Thule 5401 Snowcat or the
 SportRack ABR53DL Ski and Snowboard locking racks
 that will fit without the expense of adding crossbars.
            Prices Start at $49               
   Monthly Specials

Special Price - SportRack ABR512 Kayak Saddle Rack
3 Bike hitch rack Only $89
Monthly Special - Roof Racks
Monthly Special - Auto accessory
      Looking for a kayak rack, canoe carrier or surfboard racks? Then you've come to the right place. We carry a full line
   of Thule kayak carriers, Yakima kayak rack, Riverside car top kayak and canoe foam blocks. If you have to haul more
   than your car roof will fit, then try one of our sport utility trailers from Malone or Yakima.
      If you kayak or canoe alone and are having trouble loading and unloading your boat without risking damaging your
   kayak or vehicle, then try our load assist racks and roof attachments that assist in loading your boats with ease. The
   Thule 887XT SlipStream and Yakima Showboat are great load assist rack attachments.
      When you already have car roof rack crossbars, and all you need is a carrier, then try some of our time tested and
   reliable kayak attachments like the Thule 835XTR Hullaport or the Malone MPG106MD Autoloader which hold your
   kayaks on edge which leaves more roof rack space for additional boats or gear.
      Kayak carriers that hold your kayak upright are the best padded and conforming to your kayaks hull. So if you have a
   delicate or expensive kayak, we recommend carriers like the SportRack ABR512 kayak saddles, Yakima Evenkeel or
   the Thule 883 Glide and Set racks
      Surfboard carriers like the Thule 554XT Hang 2 and Thule 556 Surf pads can also be found on our site at discount
      This is only a small sample of the water sport racks and carriers that we offer at the lowest prices around.
   Search our watersport categories listed above or call us toll free at 800-545-2114 for expert advise of your boat rack
   needs. We have been offering great kayak and canoe carrier products since 1995 so don't hesitate to call and put our
   car rack expertise to good use.
             Monthly Specials - Featured Kayak Roof Racks and Canoe Rack Products

    Thule Hang 2 Surf Rack
  Thule 554xt hang 2 surf board carriers
   Fully padded & adjustable
   Fits factory & aftermarket
   racks. Carries 2 boards.

   Only  $62.95

    Thule Hullavator 897XT
  Thule Hullavator 897XT hydraulic lift assist kayak loader roof rack.
   Hydraulic lift assist loading
   Fits Thule & Yakima racks

   Only  $
   Yakima BowDown Racks
  Thule 987XT Hitch Ski and Snowboard rack carrier holds up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards and includes locks
   Fits factory crossbars.
   Folds flat when not in use.

   Only  $161.10

  Malone Bigfoot Canoe Rack
  Sportube Series 1 pair ski travel luggage case
   Fits factory & aftermarket
   roof racks. Fully padded
   and adjustable.

   Only  $89.95
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