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   Product Listing   Details: Below you will find technical support and instructions for the product you selected. For more detailed information please contact us. Car Rack Special Offer
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Special Offer - car racks
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Sizes to fit any vehicle in stock!! Custom sizes available at no additional charge.
Tools Required:
- Phillips head screw driver
- Electric Drill and 3/64"inch drill bit

   Monthly Specials
Monthly Special - Roof Racks
Monthly Special - Auto accessory
1.] Assemble crossrails to stanchions. Insert Stanchion (1) into into opening on Crossrail (5) as shown in
     illustration. Secure with crossrail screws (8) from the underside.
2.] Note Orientation of Stanchions (1) while assembling. Both rails should be oriented so that the Stanchions (1) slope
      down toward the front of the vehicle. See diagram "A".
3.] Carefully place the rack on the vehicle for locating and centering.
4.] Spread the crossrail assemblies out as far as possible on the end slats (3) and center the frame from side to side.
      Make certain that tailgates, etc. do not interfere with the rack when open. Use a tape measure to insure proper
5.] Mark hole locations with a felt tip pen or pencil using the holes in the end slats (3) as a template.
     Remove rack carefully.
6.] Center Punch Hole locations to prevent drill slippage. Drill 3/64" inch diameter holes. CAUTION : DO NOT DRILL
     THROUGH HEADLINER. Use a short drill (1/4" exposed ) or a drill stop. Remove chips carefully.
7.] Replace rack over holes. Position the End Slat caps (4) on the ends of the End Slats (3) and secure both to
     the vehicle roof using Self- Sealing Screws (6).
8.] Place Vinyl Middle Slats (9) on the roof between end slats (3) and space evenly while keeping the ends flush.
     Clean the area where the slats are to be installed with a good cleaner and wax remover prior to installation.
      Remove 3M plastic backing from the underside of the middle slats (9) and install carefully.
9.] Twist Crossrail Knobs to lock crossrails in place. Center position levers to adjust crossrails.
     Twist locking tie down loops to lock and/or reposition.

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